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Outdoor Kitchen with Arbor


This project involved putting together a complete outdoor kitchen with a stylish painted arbor above.

Outdoor Kitchen with Arbor2020-07-31T19:25:33+00:00

Deluxe Outdoor Kitchen


This complete outdoor kitchen was built to include a grill, sink, smoker and plenty of storage and counter space.  Take a look at the detail that went into building this beautiful project.

Deluxe Outdoor Kitchen2020-07-31T19:26:30+00:00

Walls, Stairs and More


Below is an assorted gallery to help show off our wall constructions.  Also visible are our wall fixtures, stair constructions and much more.

Walls, Stairs and More2020-07-31T19:27:17+00:00

Patio and Curved Rockwall Build


This concrete walkway runs along the entire length of house.  We paired it up with a waist high curved rock wall.  We also built in a landscape area along the fence to include green accents.  This build would not be complete without a grill island.

Patio and Curved Rockwall Build2020-07-31T19:28:15+00:00

Concrete Work Accented by Outdoor Fire Pit


This expansive pressed cement construction is accented by our custom stone fire pit.  What a great way to enjoy a the new cement and stone work.

Concrete Work Accented by Outdoor Fire Pit2020-07-31T19:28:56+00:00
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