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New Project August

New Project August2023-04-08T15:20:56+00:00

Outdoor Kitchen with Arbor


This project involved putting together a complete outdoor kitchen with a stylish painted arbor above.

Outdoor Kitchen with Arbor2020-07-31T19:25:33+00:00

Walls, Stairs and More


Below is an assorted gallery to help show off our wall constructions.  Also visible are our wall fixtures, stair constructions and much more.

Walls, Stairs and More2020-07-31T19:27:17+00:00

Circular Works of Art


This gallery shows off our ability to create circular art out of rectangular blocks.

Circular Works of Art2013-03-22T20:21:11+00:00

Gilroy Total Landscape Project


This Eagle Ridge home received one of our premiere builds, with paver work in the front, side and back yards.  We also incorporated some stone walls, landscape work and even a fountain.

Gilroy Total Landscape Project2013-03-25T15:58:57+00:00

Patio and Curved Rockwall Build


This concrete walkway runs along the entire length of house.  We paired it up with a waist high curved rock wall.  We also built in a landscape area along the fence to include green accents.  This build would not be complete without a grill island.

Patio and Curved Rockwall Build2020-07-31T19:28:15+00:00

Spanish Style Landscape in Gilroy


This stained arbor was created with special custom designed footings.  These accents really take the project to the next level.

Spanish Style Landscape in Gilroy2013-03-25T16:05:19+00:00
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